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Milk Specialties Global Launches VitalCholDX™

Leaders of science-based dairy nutrition debuts rumen-protected choline

Milk Specialties Global, the global leader in animal nutritional supplements and dairy protein ingredients, debuts VitalChol DX™, a new rumen-inert choline supplement designed to optimize cow health during the transition phase. VitalChol DX™ brings a new level of digestibility and stability to the supplement market by encapsulating the choline core with Duracoat Technology™. This proprietary coating is designed to provide the greatest level of durability in feed and mineral mixes and TMR while also delivering a source of energy in the form of mostly saturated fatty acids.

Available nationally, VitalChol DX™ is focused on supporting dairy producers as they take control of their transition cow program to maximize cow health and performance.  Every transition cow is deficient in choline, as it is degraded by the rumen and cannot be synthesized in sufficient quantities to meet her bodily requirements.  When fed through the transition phase, choline has been shown to reduce incidence of metabolic disorders, increase milk and milk component yield, and increase colostrum quality.

“With all Milk Specialties animal nutrition supplements, we purposefully innovate in collaboration with leading animal nutrition researchers to bring the most effective products that maximize the health and production of animals,” said Milk Specialties VP of Specialty Sales, Paul Krueger. ” Choline supports transport of fat out of the liver during the transition period, as a properly functioning liver creates a more successful start to lactation, and reduces the incidences of several metabolic diseases that impact the transitioning dairy cow.  Adding VitalChol DX™ to our line of bypass amino acids and nutrients helps Milk Specialties’ customers maximize their milk checks.”

VitalChol DX™ can be ordered through nutritionists and Milk Specialties Team Members.  Visit to learn more.

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