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Private Label Milk Replacer Manufacturing

Milk Specialties Global was founded more than 75 years ago as an animal nutrition company that made milk replacers. By combining in-depth understanding of animal nutrition with over 75 years of advanced formulation and processing experience, our custom manufacturing team has the experience and expertise to create the custom formulations that are right for you. Look to us for:
  • Committed Technical Service
  • Exceptional Quality Assurance
  • Formulation Expertise
From high performance to cost effective, Milk Specialties can customize milk replacement formulations. We are able to formulate for a wide range of species to provide the perfect protein and fat levels to match your performance needs and growth objectives,

Customization Options

Fat Levels:
  • 15-30%
Protein Levels:
  • 5-30%
As a leading producer of fat and protein ingredients, Milk Specialties can work with you to develop a PEF product to fit your needs. Ideal for calf ranches, dairy managers and manufacturers, Protein Encapsulated Fat (PEF) is a dry, free-flowing powder that is easier to handle than liquid fat and offers improved mixing for better fat digestibility.

Choose fat and protein ratios to fit your needs.

Low Protein Options:
  • 6/50
  • 6/70
  • 7/60
  • 4/80
High Protein Options:
  • 16/45
  • 16/50
  • 18/40
  • 18/45
Our PEFs Advantages include:

Fast Wetting

Our dryers produce a larger particle size that wets better than a box dryer.

Stays Mixed

Excellent homogenization process that minimizes separation of product.

Highly Consistent

Manufacturing expertise and experience results in highly consistent product portfolio.

Easy to Use

Our products do not require high temperature or increased agitation to mix.