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Animal Nutrition

Industry-leading supplier of functional fats, proteins, and carbohydrates for livestock producers worldwide.

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Providing Science-Based Solutions

Industry-leading supplier of nutrition for livestock producers worldwide and manufacturer of top-selling Energy Booster™

Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition is recognized for innovative and science-based products that offer proven benefits to the dairy industry. We are one of the largest providers of functional fats and are led by our flagship brand and top-selling product Energy Booster™, as well as milk replacer products and dairy ingredients.

Animal Nutrition

Quality-Driven Culture

To assure our customers receive the highest quality products, we rigorously screen all incoming raw materials and insist on Certificates of Analysis from every vendor. We also perform in-process analysis of intermediate products and laboratory analysis of finished products – but this is only the beginning.

Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition has extensive laboratory facilities that contain state-of-the-art equipment for determining the nutritional and quality composition of our raw materials and products. For our customers’ complete peace of mind, our labs are Wisconsin Department of Agricultural Trade and Consumer Protection Certified. In addition to analytical testing, microbiological analysis, visual and organoleptic evaluations, our quality programs include:

  • Biosecurity measures involving Third Party Audits and certification of:
  • HACCP Programs
  • BSE Compliance
  • Feed Safety Programs
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Annual Training for employees in GMPs, BSE Compliance, HACCP and Feed Safety
  • Internal Audit Programs

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Contact our Animal Nutrition Specialists today. They are happy to answer any questions or comments you may have.

Our Animal Nutrition Products

Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition is one of the largest providers of milk replacer products and ingredients in North America. We offer an extensive line of products to promote the nutrition and health of production animals. To ensure the purity, consistency and performance of our products, we utilize only the highest quality ingredients and test them every step of the way in our own laboratories.

Animal Nutrition Capabilities

Whatever services you require of a world class supplier, Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition is geared to deliver. From prilling to spray drying, our Animal Nutrition division has everything it takes to meet your critical needs.

At our Boscobel facility, we operate three state-of-the-art towers for precise spray chilling and packaging. Our Paris facility utilizes prilling towers for blending supplemental fats
In this process, blends of dry ingredients are re-wetted to produce a final product that easily wets and mixes when introduced to a liquid. Our unique re-wetting technology yields more uniform lactose crystallization and greater packaged product consistency
Spray Drying

By offering several spray drying methods, we can process a variety of products with efficiency that’s unsurpassed
– Niro Filtermat Dryer
– Niro Multi Stage Dryer (MSD)
– Whey Permeate Dryer

Drum Drying
Counter-current flow, low-temperature rotary drying.
Dry Blending
A dry blend ribbon mixer is available for dry mixing and final drying for product packaging
Dry Pelleting
Our high-pressure pellet mills are engineered to deliver a remarkably consistent product, with the ability to produce micro pellets for special applications
Through this advanced technology, we have the ability to purify, separate and concentrate desired dairy proteins from whey streams
Reverse Osmosis
By forcing water through semipermeable membranes, we can concentrate solids without the degrading effects of heat

Two different evaporative processes are available, giving us greater flexibility to meet your precise processing objectives.
– Niro Multiple Effect – Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR)
– Niro Multiple Effect – Thermal Vapor Recompression (TVR)

For precisely fractionating desired proteins, two basket type centrifuges are available
From seed fermentation retorts to several 20,000 gallon fermentation tanks, our advanced anaerobic processes can be scaled up to keep pace with your growing needs.
We have the equipment and technology in place to hydrolyze both carbohydrates and proteins, as well as refining solutions through further stages of processing
Private Label/Toll Processing
Whatever your private label or toll processing needs, you can count on Milk Specialties Global Animal Nutrition. From custom formulating to professional package design, all our technologies and capabilities are at your service
Protein Encapsulated Fats (PEF’s)
Functional proteins are used to encapsulate fat so that the fat will stay in suspension when mixed into water or other liquid. The result is a dry, free-flowing powder that is easier to handle than liquid fats. The Animal Nutrition Group offers an extensive range of high quality PEF’s. Our specialists will recommend a product with the right protein/fat levels with optimal properties to meet your needs.
Dry Ingredients
The Animal Nutrition Group also has the resources and capabilities to consistently supply a range of specialty ingredients, from Whey Permeates and Lactose to WPC and Whey Cream. Or, if you are looking for a special dairy product, let us work with you to formulate the right blend.
Liquid Ingredients
With our flexible manufacturing capabilities, the Animal Nutrition Group can provide commodity Dairy and other ingredients in liquid, condensed forms ranging from 15% to 70% solids.
Fermented Ingredients
We provide a full line of beneficial prebiotics for young animals that offer outstanding functionality and processability. And they can be customized to your precise specifications.
Hydrolyzed Ingredients
This line of hydrolyzed carbohydrates and proteins is designed to provide optimal solutions to functional, nutritional and hypoallergenic issues.
Matrix Enhanced Proteins (MEP’s)
Choose from a wide selection of products utilizing hydrolyzed proteins to address your specific market, nutritional or operational needs.

Ingredient Solutions

By combining an in-depth understanding of animal nutrition with over 50 years of advanced processing expertise, our products address a wide range of formulating needs.

Research & Development

Our Research Team is a seasoned group of nutritionists and solution providers, many of whom hold advanced degrees in animal science. They are constantly seeking new, cost-effective ways to enhance animal health and performance. These endeavors have resulted in a number of “firsts”, including the first milk replacer formulated for accelerated growth and the most energy-dense rumen bypass fat available. Plus, our close relationship with animal nutritionists, feed manufacturers and distributors keeps us in touch with producer needs. To guide us in our efforts, we’ve also assembled a Scientific Advisory Council.

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