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CasPRO™ Acid Casein

MSG’s acid casein is made in the U.S.A. from the freshest skim milk. Acid casein is a flexible solution that provides a wide range of functional and nutritional properties. 

CasPRO™ Rennet Casein

CasPRO™ Rennet Casein is made in the USA from the freshest skim milk. This milk protein product is ideal for cheesemaking and a range of other applications.

CasPRO™ Calcium Caseinate

Our fresh curd calcium caseinate is made in the USA from the highest quality skim milk. Whether your goal is improving nutritive value or increasing shelf life, calcium caseinate can support a wide range formulation objectives.

CasPRO™ Sodium Caseinate

Milk Specialties’ CasPRO™ fresh curd sodium caseinate in made in America using high quality skim milk. Sodium caseinate provides excellent stability and emulsification capacity in a variety of dairy, nutrition and food applications. ​

CasPRO™ Micellar Casein

CasPRO™ micellar casein is produced directly from fresh skimmed milk using micro and ultrafiltration processes that allow whey protein, lactose and soluble minerals to pass through the membranes while retaining the native micellar casein. The functionality of CasPRO™ is similar to that of milk protein concentrate; however, with the majority of whey proteins removed, the ingredient is highly heat-stable, making it a perfect ingredient for UHT and retort applications.