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Milk Energizer™

Milk Energizer™ is a high energy, instant mixing fat source available for increasing the total energy level of whole milk or milk replacers during cold weather. The energy from Milk Energizer™ helps keep animals in a positive energy balance during periods of cold stress or low feed intake. It can be used with any livestock species when additional energy is required.

Clarifly® Add Pack

ClariFly® Add Pack can be added directly to milk or milk replacer right on the farm. ClariFly® is a feed-through larvicide that prevents adult house flies, stable flies, face flies and horn flies from developing and emerging from the manure of treated cattle. ClariFly® passes through the digestive tract of the animal and into the manure where it disrupts the normal molting process of fly larvae.

CalfAlly® Medicated NT Add Pack

CalfAlly® Medicated NT Add Pack is a medicated supplement to treat scours and pneumonia in dairy and beef calves . CalfAlly® Medicated NT Add Pack is a Type B medicated feed that provides the maximum allowable dosage of Neomycin and Oxytetracycline when mixed with non medicated milk replacer or feed ingredients. This antibiotic combination is used to treat bacterial enteritis and bacterial pneumonia (shipping fever complex) in calves.