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Why is MFGM gaining attention in the world of sports nutrition and functional nutrition?

Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM) is receiving increased attention recently due to its ability to provide additional cognitive support to adults. Phospholipids are important for normal brain development and function, and the phospholipid profile of MFGM is like that of a human brain. There is growing evidence showing a benefit of supplementing with these phospholipids on memory, cognitive performance, and stress management in adults, possibly associated with the natural decline in phospholipid levels that happens naturally with aging 

A 2010 study found that individuals given a milk phospholipid-rich supplement showed a tendency for shorter reaction times in their working memory compared to individuals who received a placebo. 

A 2010 study found that individuals with high stress loads who were treated with phospholipids showed a blunted psychological stress response. In addition, phospholipids may also increase the availability of cortisol in chronically stressed men and lessen stress-induced memory impairment. 

A more recent study tested the impact of MFGM supplementation in healthy adults with moderate stress (Davies et al, 2023).  Participants supplemented with MFGM had significantly lower stress scores than those on placebo group after just six weeks (and these was a suggestion that MFGM also reduced anxiety after 12 weeks.  

What are the potential functional applications of MFGM in sports nutrition formulations?

MFGM comes in dry powder form and is suited for a wide range of applications. It works especially well in ready-to-mix protein blends, making it easy to include in foods and beverages such as smoothies and protein shakes. 

How can MFGM be integrated into functional nutrition products beyond sports?

As a whey protein, MFGM is an easy addition for sports nutrition companies wanting to provide a “protein plus” product, with naturally occurring phospholipids alongside a great essential and branched chain amino acid composition. However, the benefits extend well beyond just sports nutrition. The science behind MFGM makes it a great fit for health supplements and nutraceuticals that are targeting benefits for both brain and body. With an aging population, cognitive health will become an increasing area of focus in the years to come, alongside the already appreciated benefits of whey protein for maintaining muscle mass. 

Are there any emerging trends in MFGM applications for overall health and well-being?

MFGM has long been a key ingredient in infant formula, but many of the benefits of MFGM also translate to adults. MFGM is high in protein, so it is growing in categories that provide functional health benefits. This can include supplements, protein bars, and healthy snack foods. 

  • MFGM offers cognitive health and other health benefits to adults.
  • Milk Fat Globule Membrane is a flexible ingredient that can be used in a wide range of adult health applications.
  • MFGM is a turnkey ingredient for sports nutrition companies to add more functional health benefits to their products.
  • MSG has a team of MFGM experts available to provide consultations and formula support for products using milk fat globule membrane.