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Lactose is made through the second stage of filtration after permeate is made. As the whey or permeate is ran through the filter, it isolates the lactose. The lactose is sent to an evaporator, then a crystallizer, and finally to a dryer before being put in a 25kg bag or a metric ton tote and shipped to you.


Lactose is heavily regulated with precise specifications for human consumption set by the U.S. Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. At Milk Specialties Global, our lactose is:

  • Greater than 99% lactose,
  • Protein is less than 0.30
  • Ash of less than 0.30
  • Moisture of less than 0.50.


At MSG, we pride outside on having some of the best lactose in the market. At MSG, we make human, animal, and infant-grade lactose.


Lactose is made domestically and internationally; we will produce lactose to your country’s standards at MSG. On the domestic side, lactose is made across the United States from Pennsylvania to California. It has the advantage of using some of the best raw materials in the world. Internationally lactose is made in the United Kingdom, France, and India, to name a few. At MSG, we can make lactose to your country’s or company’s specifications, so whether you are a domestic or international customer of MSG, you will not have to worry about the quality or specifications of our product.


Suppose you are looking for a lactose supplier. In that case, you should be looking out for a few key things:

  • How they are sourcing their raw materials
  • The quality of their lactose
  • What other ingredients the supplier can offer you


For all three of those questions, Milk Specialties Global is your answer. We only source the best whey for our products and support local farmers and dairies. Our quality is amongst the best in the market. We can make any product to your company’s or country’s specifications. As for other ingredients, Milk Specialties Global is a one-stop shop for all of your dairy derivative ingredients, from permeate to concentrate to caseinates and more. MSG will get you the ingredients that you need.