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Formulating With Extruded Protein

Extrusion is a versatile processing technology that allows for the creation of a variety of food products utilizing a broad array of ingredients and taking any number of shapes and sizes. Extrusion at its most basic is a mixing, cooking, and forming process. This technology can be applied with great success in the production of high protein foods and ingredients.






Products that can be made using extrusion include high protein ingredients such as crisps and texturized vegetable proteins, as well as finished packaged goods including cereals, chips, filled cookie bites, pretzels, puffs and blended snack mixes consisting of any combination of these products.



With proper formulation, it is possible to create highly palatable protein fortified foods with a satisfying crispy texture in either sweet or savory flavor profiles. Our product development team can take your high-protein ingredient or snack food concept and translate it to a finished good that is ready to go to market.