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Performance Pak 100®

Performance Pak 100® contains 100 percent pure vegetable fat and is a highly palatable source of energy for performance horses. It is white in color and prilled to form a free-flowing beadlet with outstanding handling characteristics. Performance Pak 100® is ideal for mixing into pelleted rations, top dressed or incorporated into the grain mix.

Fat Pak®

Fat Pak is a concentrated source of energy and is ideal for starter, grower and finisher pigs as well as gilts and sows. It comes in the form of a pure white, free-flowing beadlet with outstanding handling characteristics. When added to a sow’s ration, the benefits of Fat Pak® include improved milk yield, piglet survival and weaning to the first service interval. For producers of growing pigs, it offers better feed conversion. And for finishing pig producers, feeding Fat Pak® helps increase the hardness of pork fat.

NutraStart® Multi-Species Milk Replacer

NutraStart® Multi-Species Milk Replacer gets young animals off to a great start. This high quality, multi-purpose milk replacer developed for dairy and beef calves, piglets, foals, kids, puppies, kittens, llamas and alpacas. NutraStart ® Multi-Species Milk Replacer is very palatable and easy to mix. The addition of lactic acid bacteria provides a source of beneficial bacteria and helps promote a healthy digestive tract.