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How can Alpha-Lac enhance the performance and effectiveness of sports nutrition products?

Alpha-lactalbumin offers product formulators an easy-to-use ingredient that provides functional health benefits. Bedtime protein products that support recovery overnight are a staple of many athletes diet, and alpha fits perfectly here. It can be used alone (or in combination with a more traditional casein ingredient), it could help optimize sleep as well as amino acid delivery overnight  

How can Alpha-Lac be integrated into functional nutrition products beyond sports?

Beyond ready-to-mix (RTM) sports nutrition products, alpha-lactalbumin can be used in a wide range of applications. Alpha Lac could be incorporated into ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages, bars, and snack foods that aim to offer a functional benefit in addition to great taste. It gives the benefits of tryptophan alongside high quality whey protein, to help satisfy consumer demand for high protein products.  

What potential innovations and product developments are on the horizon for Alpha-Lac in sports nutrition?

 Alpha lac comes as a dry, white powder that is easy to handle and formulate with. Subsequently, R&D professionals have the flexibility to explore a wide range of products and applications that could benefit from alpha-lactalbumin.