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What is acid casein and what are its properties?

Casein is a naturally occurring protein found in milk, suitable for incorporation into a wide range of food applications. Casein is the dominate protein found in milk, making up 80% of the total protein (approximately 80% casein to 20% whey protein). There are a range of various processes that can be followed to separate the casein proteins from the whey proteins. Depending on the process it will create a different finished good product and one of the ending product results is Acid Casein. Acid Casein is produced by first separating skim milk into whey and casein by using an acid precipitate creating a pH of 4.6 casein coagulum. A series of washes are performed on the acid-precipitated coagulum to remove any impurities. Milk Specialties Global Acid Casein is then dried to a variety of mesh sizes for various application needs to maximize shelf-life stability and ease of storage & handling.

Why is acid casein a useful ingredient in my application?

Acid Casein is a complete protein with an exceptional amino acid profile. It can play a valuable role in aiding the efficient supply of nutrients and has a remarkably wide variety of uses in various consumer applications, including industrial non-food applications. Acid casein is the perfect solution to provide your consumers with a range of functional and nutritional properties. A few key benefits when formulating with acid casein are: heat stability, neutral flavor, texture improvement, excellent nutritional value, emulsifying and water binding.

Acid Casein Used in Nutritional Bar Applications and Benefits

Acid casein is great inclusion for nutritional bar applications due to its multiple functional and nutritional benefits. Its neutral flavor profile eliminates the need for additional masking agents reducing the amount of ingredients required resulting in a short ingredient label and improved taste profiles vs alternative protein sources. Texture of nutritional bars improves greatly when you used acid casein and has the added benefit of extending shelf life due to its mineral profile. Acid casein also has a great nutritional value that is high in protein and amino acids and low in fat, cholesterol and lactose which supports nutritional requirements and goals in bar formulations. Casein is also slowly digested which results in a slow release of amino acids keeping you fuller longer and supports muscle recovery over an extended period.


Acid casein used in Extruded Applications and Benefits

Acid casein has high heat stability, which makes it a great ingredient for extruded products. With higher heat stability the ingredient can withstand further processing without affecting its taste profile, nutritional benefits, and functionality. Acid casein also improves the texture of extruded products, resulting in an improved bite when consuming a cereal, snack, crisp type of extruded product. Acid casein’s nutritional profile also is a great benefit providing a great source of protein for your nutritional extruded product applications. Acid casein’s neutral flavor reduces the need for maskers and results in a clean tasting protein fortified snack!

Acid casein used in Food Manufacturing/Protein Fortification and Benefits

Acid casein can be found in a range of manufactured food products like bakery, processed meats, and soups/sauces. Acid caseins emulsification and water binding benefits can improve your products texture and reduce processing time. Acid casein is also very heat stable so it can withstand various food manufacturing processes, can be converted to a caseinate. Caseinates have improved solubility and with the increase in functionality are found in a wide range of shipped toppings, creamers, and sauces. Since acid casein has a neutral flavor profile you can also add acid casein for protein fortification without affecting your finished good taste profile. Acid casein is a great source of high protein and amino acids while being low in fat, cholesterol and lactose resulting in additional nutritional benefits for your finished good product.

Why consider the CasPRO line? What makes ours better?

Acid casein produced by Milk Specialty Global is 100% US produced casein. Milk Specialties Global uses US produced fresh milk from our local dairy farm partners to produce a pure, clean, high quality casein protein. Milk Specialties Global’s dairy farms have little to no seasonality reducing the variation in casein produced through out the year, resulting in a consistent and high-quality acid casein ingredient for your application needs.