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Whey permeate is a by-product of whey protein concentrate 80 and whey protein isolate 90. Whey permeate is characterized by its higher levels of lactose, typically ranging from 76-85%, and noticeably lower amounts of fat, protein, ash, and moisture compared to other dairy products. The range of fats, proteins, ash, and moisture that make up the composition of whey permeate are:

  • Protein 2-7%
  • Fat 0-1%,
  • Ash 8-11%
  • Moisture 3-4.5%


Whey permeate can be used in various products, from confectionary goods and ready-to-eat meals for human consumption and for feed for young animals.


Whey permeate as an ingredient is exceptionally functional and has applications in both human and animal nutrition. In human nutrition, whey permeate is a by-product of the whey protein concentrate 80, and whey protein isolate 90 filtration process and then dried into a powder form. As an ingredient, whey permeate powder is highly concentrated lactose with very little fat, protein, and moisture. In human nutrition, whey permeate has functionalities as a replacement for dairy solids, especially in baking productions, and can also be used to standardize skim and whole milk powders. For animal feed, whey permeate has functionalities as feed for young animals.


Whey permeate is a product with many names. All describe the same ingredient. These names can be seen on the ingredient list for many of the products that whey permeate is applicable, from ready-to-eat meals for humans to hog starter feed.

  • Whey solids
  • Dairy product solids
  • Milk permeate
  • DPW
  • Dry whey product
  • Dairy product soluble
  • Dairy permeate
  • Deproteinized whey


Whey permeate can be applied to various products as a “swiss army knife” ingredient. Because of the composition of whey permeate, it can be used as a fat or sugar substitute as a milk supplement. It can be used in animal feed as a great source of nutrition and fat. The varied uses of whey permeate make it an extremely sought-after ingredient for companies worldwide. It is used in products for both human and animal consumption.


MSG permeate is both kosher and halal. To be certified as either kosher or halal, it all starts with the raw milk or whey we bring to make our permeate. The main factors when being certified as kosher or halal are the raw materials and a close yearly inspection from the Halal Advisory Board and the Kosher Certification Agency. During these annual inspections, the Halal Advisory Board and the Kosher Certification Agency will inspect our procedures and equipment to ensure they are cleaned and maintained in accordance with Islamic and Jewish traditions.



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