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Milk Specialties Global expands
its organic dairy protein offerings

Milk Specialties Global, a leading human and animal nutrition company in the health and wellness industry, has announced the availability of a new instant organic whey protein using sunflower lecithin. Milk Specialties added the new organic offering to its product portfolio in response to increased demand from its customers for organic dairy proteins.

Milk Specialties’ new instant organic whey protein joins its existing organic offerings, now providing customers with additional choices to better serve their products in numerous applications, from nutritional powders and bars to ice cream and ready-to-drink protein shakes.

In addition to organic whey protein, Milk Specialties is an industry leader in the supply of organic milk protein. Organic milk proteins are popular in a variety of products including meal replacement bars and sports nutrition powders. In the past, organic milk and whey proteins were hard to come by, however, due to improvements and growth in organic cheese demand, companies like Milk Specialties are more confident than ever with their ability to meet customers’ organic dairy protein needs.

“We’re excited about the availability of our organic whey and milk proteins in a greater variety of options to better support our customers’ needs in the growing organic space,” states Dustin Cosgrove, senior director of business development at Milk Specialties Global.

Milk Specialties_Organic Whey and Milk Protein

Milk Specialties_Organic Whey and Milk Protein

Located in Norfolk, Nebraska is the company’s organic-certified flagship facility that produces its largest organic product portfolio. In this facility, you will find the production of today’s highest demand organic ingredients: Organic Non-Fat Dry Milk (ONFDM), Organic WPC 80, Organic MPC, Organic Lactose, and Organic Cream. With the Norfolk facility’s flexible production capabilities, there is an unbeatable confidence in undertaking customers’ organic demands.

“We have a better organic supply position than ever before, and are certain we can support the growing market through our extensive organic product portfolio,” adds Cosgrove. “We’re in an excellent position to continuously provide our customers with high protein options in the organic category through an assortment of applications.”

With an understanding of the organic cheese market and a determination to meet their customers’ needs, Milk Specialties has created one of the most diverse dairy ingredient portfolios available today. Founded in 1949, the Company has been expanding and improving its product offerings over the past few years and seen a substantial growth as it ensues its customers’ demands. The Human Nutrition division is a leading manufacturer of high-quality whey and milk protein ingredients used primarily in the sports nutrition and functional food end-markets. Already a global leader in whey protein, its continued expansion will now push them into the leader category of the organic dairy market.