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What is Alpha Lac?

Alpha Lac is a membrane-filtrated Whey Protein Concentrate 80% (WPC80) that natively isolates whey protein while increasing the Alpha Lactalbumin fraction through proprietary membrane technology. Alpha Lactalbumin is a fraction of protein in whey that naturally occurs at lower inclusions in cow’s milk than human’s milk. Alpha Lac is naturally high in the amino acid Tryptophan (54% more than regular WPC80), which is a precursor for serotonin that leads to relaxed mind & mood.

 What is Micellar Casein (Low Grit)?

Milk Specialties uses membrane technology to isolate Micellar Casein, which helps retain its native structure, while delivering maximum dosages of protein. Another benefit of keeping Micellar Casein in its native state ensure that the naturally occurring minerals, calcium and phosphorus, are not removed. Casein digests slower than whey, making it a great choice to supply the body with a slow releasing protein for muscle recovery to last through long periods of no food consumption, such as night time. Milk Specialties proprietary method of isolation results in a smooth, full-bodied texture.

Nighttime Alpha Lac Shake

An Alpha Lac and Micellar Casein shake, that is naturally sweetened and flavored, would be a perfect addition to any line targeting those who are looking for a high fat and high calorie snack before bed. Milk Specialties Nighttime Vanilla Ice Cream Shake is the perfect formulation to satisfy one’s sweet tooth while supplying the nutrition needed for a restful recovery.


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