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By Jennifer Narloch, April 16, 2013

Milk Specialties Global, one of the nation’s largest producers of high-quality milk and whey proteins, is excited to announce they are adding Casein to their product portfolio. Production commenced Tuesday, March 6, 2013 at their Norfolk, Nebraska facility and is the first United States Casein production in over 50 years.

The US is the major world market for casein consumption, yet is entirely dependent on import for this commodity. Milk Specialties Global has estimated their initial production to be in excess of 5 million pounds annually.

Suvash Kafley, Director of Research & Development says, “Casein proteins are the major portion of milk proteins. Caseins are known for sustained release and satiety enhancing properties. With growth in casein awareness and demand of milk proteins, we are producing caseins, caseinates, native micellar caseins and low-grit micellar caseins. Additionally, our caseins are customizable to sodium caseinate or calcium caseinate.”

Kafley adds, “Our caseins are produced by using membrane filtration to isolate casein, from milk, in its native state. Traditional processing methods use acid to drop the pH of milk and precipitate it out. This precipitated casein is washed and decanted to yield what is known as acid casein. This method denatures the casein structure and strips out the naturally occurring minerals that are found in milk.”

CEO David Lenzmeier says, “The process is cleaner and we are really excited about it. Dual-step membrane filtration isolates the casein protein to the functional level that caseinates are desired for, while producing a better quality, intact protein. You can taste the difference; our native micellar casein has a nice, clean flavor. We’re also thrilled to be able to add domestic Casein to the US marketplace for our customers.”

Casein markets include: ready-to-drink nutritional beverages, sports nutrition powders, protein bars, yogurts, processed cheeses and chocolates and candy, baking goods, coffee creamers, spreads, ice creams, frozen desserts, soups and gravies.

Milk Specialties Global is an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative nutritional ingredients for the health and wellness industry, with certified manufacturing facilities in WI, MN, NE, IL and now UT, and CA. The core of MSG’s business is in value-added dairy ingredients including whey protein isolate, concentrate, and hydrolysate, as well as milk protein, micellar casein, and lactose.  MSG also manufactures products which support animal nutrition including milk replacer and energy booster supplements.

For more information about Milk Specialties Global and Casein, please contact Director of Business Development, Steven O’Reilly, at or visit our website at