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Industry leader to showcase game-changing high-protein inclusions, as well as lactose-free and organic ready-to-drink formulations

Milk Specialties Global, industry leaders in creating high-end organic milk protein and rBGH-free whey products, will showcase a number of game-changing dairy protein ingredients during this year’s SupplySide West, October 4 through 8 in Las Vegas. Attendees stopping by booth #Z-177 will sample a newer generation of ingredients for ready-to-drink (RTD) formulations as well as bars ideal for anyone interested in better nutrition.

Attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear protein industry expert Suvash Kafley speak about the benefits and different applications of whey and milk protein. Kafley, Milk Specialties Global senior director of process and product innovation, will discuss whey protein technology and applications on Thursday, October 6 at 5 p.m., and milk protein benefits and applications on Friday, October 7 at 1 p.m.

Recognized for its rBGH-free/hormone-free whey, organic milk and whey protein, as well as its lactose-free whey and milk protein, Milk Specialties Global’s technologists continue to raise the bar for proteins that will satisfy consumers’ insatiable demand for better nutrition, taste, mouthfeel and shelf life.

Four reasons why you’ll want to spend a lot of time at the Milk Specialties Global booth

  1. Innovative high-protein extruded inclusions will forever change the bar category. When it comes to portable nutrition delivery systems, bars are growing in popularity here in the U.S. Consumers love crisp inclusions in bars, but they are usually dead space nutritionally. Milk Specialties Global has developed great-tasting, high-protein extruded inclusions that will enable manufacturers to push up the protein number on bars’ nutrition labels.“These flavorful protein-packed inclusions – including chocolate chip and graham cracker – can be used in different bar types, from dessert quality bars to meal replacement,” comments Benoit Turpin, vice president of sales for Milk Specialties Global. “Our high-protein inclusions can generate an additional one to three grams of protein per serving, without increasing the serving size.
  1. BARsoft highly functional dairy proteins address quality concerns and improve customers’ experience. Milk Specialties Global’s BARsoft dairy proteins are designed to provide a soft texture, optimal sensory experience, and extended shelf life in high-protein and nutrition bars. This soy-free line of ingredients is composed of whey and milk protein isolates to give superior nutrition and digestibility to your snack bar. It has excellent pliability and extended shelf life, reduced browning and hardening. In an accelerated shelf life study, compared to an industry leading protein bar, BARsoft was found to be 33 percent softer after a 30-day trial.
  1. Hormone-free, organic, non-GMO milk proteins designed for cleaner RTD labels. Milk Specialties Global will be sampling a specialty organic chocolate milk protein concentrate for RTD formulations. The result is a creamier mouthfeel and texture. “Our milk protein concentrate allows formulators to do away some of the stabilizers commonly found in RTD formulations. Having fewer ingredients is sure to result in bigger customer appeal,” says Turpin.
  1. A lactose-free RTD formulation made with organic milk protein isolate. “We’re riding a trend of lactose-free and organic RTD formulations with superior quality, shelf-stable ingredients,” comments Turpin.

Additional information about Milk Specialties Global, including the benefits of its proprietary processing methods, can be found on

About Milk Specialties Global

Milk Specialties Global (MSG) is an industry-leading manufacturer of nutritional ingredients for the health and wellness, performance nutrition and functional food industries, with manufacturing facilities in WI, MN, NE, IL and CA. The core of MSG’s business is in high-protein ingredients (such as whey protein isolates and concentrates, 34% to 90% milk protein concentrates, micellar casein and isolates as well as hydrolysates), lactose and permeate as well as value added ingredients.