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Milk Specialties Global takes
great dairy protein flavor to new heights


Stop by IFT Booth S4238 to experience how this category
leader’s ingredients produce clean, refreshing snacks and beverages


Protein remains one of the hottest nutrition topics of 2018. Now more than ever, consumers are demanding more protein sources which provide all the key nutrients. At this year’s IFT18, Milk Specialties Global will showcase fruit-flavored prototypes and finished products that satisfy consumers’ insatiable demand for optimal nutrition.

“The consumer base for high-protein products has been transforming over the last few years, leading to a change in the types of products demanded by the marketplace,” comments Milk Specialties Global Director of Nutrition & Research, Lindsey Ormond. “While traditional protein powders are still in growth and account for much of the sports nutrition market, new product formats, such as raw protein bars, clear protein RTDs and protein oatmeal, are providing new solutions for this ever-growing audience. For them, flavor, texture and variety are key.”

As the leader in creating high-end value-added milk and whey protein ingredients, Milk Specialties Global has unique insights into where this category is heading. Dairy protein fortification is continuing to go mainstream.

Stop by Booth S4238 to sample high-end protein goodness

Satisfy your sweet tooth by sampling BARsoft™ 2000 in blueberry cheesecake flavored bars. Each bar contains 14g of protein per 50-gram serving. “The high-protein bar category remains red hot,” says Milk Specialties Global Vice President of Sales, Michael Hiron. “One of BARsoft™’s strongest selling points is that it’s an all-in-one protein ingredient that can be used to provide 100% of the protein in the bar, so bar producers can be confident they are only using high quality protein for the best tasting bars over the shelf-life. It can also be used to fully replace dairy ingredients and blends currently used in bar formulations.”

Be sure to also try the newest flavor ready-to-drink beverage containing PRObev™ heat-stable whey protein isolate, apple mango. “PRObev™ is produced using a proprietary filtration process, which results in an extremely clean taste, especially when compared with other products on the market,” explains Hiron. “This year, we’ll be sampling it out of a juicer so that attendees may see its clear, clean look in addition to experiencing its refreshing taste.”

Then quench your thirst with the newest flavors of fizzique, a sparkling protein water made with PRObev™. Both the new Tropical Limon and Strawberry Watermelon contain 20g of high-quality whey protein. Sweetened with sucralose, they have only 80 calories per can and zero carbs. “fizzique is an excellent example of where our industry is headed. In addition to high-quality whey protein, it’s made with natural flavors, and without added sugar, soy, gluten, lactose, preservatives, colors and caseinates. We’re expecting to see more game-changing products like this in the future,” says Hiron.

A visit to the Milk Specialties Global booth will also be your opportunity to welcome one of its newest staff members, Director of Nutrition and Research, Lindsey Ormond. With more than 12 years industry experience in both the food and sports nutrition industries, Ormond brings with her some great experience and knowledge from both R&D and commercially-focused positions. “Having previously worked at companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Premier Foods and Arla Foods Ingredients, Lindsey will be an excellent complement to our hard-working R&D team, bringing science, insight and enhanced communications to the company,” said Hiron.

IFT18 Food Expo will take place in Chicago, July 16-18, 2018