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By Jennifer Narloch, May 7, 2013

Serious athletes make up the market for BCAAs and are getting the best performance and results – increased muscle mass, strength, faster recovery and reduced soreness. However, in the early 2000s, studies found that BCAA supplemented with weight management programs (reduced Calorie intake), enhance fat loss while sparing lean muscle loss.1 BCAA feed your muscles with energy in order to concurrently lose fat and build muscle – a tough task for the body. This demonstrates that BCAA are not just for bodybuilders, but also for any man or woman looking to lose weight and tone their body.

A simple Google search will yield hundreds of products geared towards men serious about muscle. As a female, who is also constantly seeking physical improvement and sustainability, and who worked in the supplement industry for 4 years prior, I wondered why I didn’t know about BCAA for weight loss, before coming to Milk Specialties Global.

It is quite apparent that we have one huge, untapped market. Consider this – In 2012, 108 million dieters spent $20 billion on weight loss products. Of those 108 million people, a staggering 85% of them were women.2 BCAA products and product lines have only tapped into 15% of the entire market share. I cannot find a single product that targets my flavor and sweetener profiles. The good news is that I have an ‘in’ with our R&D team, who graciously makes me my own special formula. But seriously, where is a product for me, my mother, my sisters and all my girlfriends?

Milk Specialties Global has four existing BCAA ingredients for anyone who would like a piece of the $20 billion pie.

– Instant leucine
– iBCAA 2:1:1
– iBCAA clear 2:1:1
– iBCAA clear 8:1:1

 We can also blend and agglomerate any custom ratio of leucine, valine and isoleucine.



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