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Another successful Supply Side West is in the books for the Milk Specialties Global team. Our sales, sourcing and R&D teams jet-setted to Las Vegas for the two day show. They report that this year milk proteins were the buzz in the dairy ingredient space, with non-GMO and rBGH-free milk and whey gaining momentum.

Director of Business Development for Nutritional Ingredients, Dustin Cosgrove, stated, “Demand for high proteins (milk and whey) continue to be strong.” Not showing any signs of receding are: MPC 70, 85 and micellar casein, along with  WPC 80, WPI 90 and hydrolysates. Cosgrove also notes, “The demand for alternative lecithin sources (instant proteins) continues to grow as brands target non-GMO claims on their labels. Previously, we have only seen this in the natural channels. Year over year we see continued efforts for cleaner labels and high-quality sourcing.”

Applications Manager, Sara Wosje, worked with customers and prospects looking to really differentiate themselves in the growing marketplace. “We love to work with our customers to develop their niche in a sea of nutritional and food products. We ask them what story they want their product to tell, and we help write the ingredients that will do that. Often, they are very close, and we provide the technical background to help them formulate that into their marketing efforts,” says Wosje.

Director of Business Development for Functional Foods & International, Jing Hagert, said that China had a big impact on what was trending this year. Hagert reports, “China is currently in the process of reforming their one-child policy. We are already seeing increased demand, in this region, for whole and skim milk for infant formulas. If China does ease their longtime policy of a one-child limit, we will see even higher demands.” Hagert adds, “As New Zealand and Europe focus mainly on producing whole and skim powders to this region, globally there are less high-protein milk powders available for functional food and sports nutrition markets. We are excited to be able to help increase the supply to better match the demand, with our newest facility in Visalia, CA. This facility is fully dedicated to milk protein production.”

Another great Supply Side West for the MSG team in 2013! For questions following up from the show, non-GMO or rBGH-free offerings, please contact:
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