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The Strong Inside

The Strong Inside: Educating consumers on the nutritional impact of dairy proteins

Milk Specialties Global is proud to be a platinum sustaining sponsor of the recently launched website designed to communicate the benefits and positive attributes of proteins from milk, with a focus on protein ingredients: The campaign, ‘The Strong Inside’ was created by the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) and the members of the Dairy Protein Messaging Initiative (DPMI). This proactive and impactful platform will serve as an informational tool to guide consumers with regards to their protein choices.


Lindsey Ormond, Milk Specialties Global director of research and development and supporting member of the initiative states, “‘The Strong Inside’ campaign is an important step to promote and inform the public on the impact of milk and dairy proteins. This campaign is designed to inform consumers, not only how protein in general can promote health and well-being, but also the role milk proteins can play in helping them achieve their health goals. With a lot of misinformation out there, it is easy for consumers to be confused or overwhelmed; the resources provided through this campaign aim to set the record straight, answer questions and provide information grounded in science. ‘The Strong Inside’ is a terrific example of the industry coming together to promote an important and cohesive message.”

‘The Strong Inside’ message is the foundation of the DPMI. Backed by science, it emphasizes the unique value of proteins from milk in an engaging and positive way. 68% of American consumers want to consume more protein and many are turning to dairy alternatives. The new website will be an informative hub for ‘The Strong Inside’ message with fact-based information to better assist consumers with making smart protein choices. It communicates the nutritional benefits of proteins from milk compared to other protein sources, seeks to refute myths and misconceptions, and fills the void with science-supported information about proteins from milk.

The Strong Inside ADPI

‘The Strong Inside’ message will also be promoted through digital ads, social media channels and partnership outreach through companies like Milk Specialties Global. The DPMI is funded through voluntary support over 50 sustaining and supporting members representing suppliers, the trade, associations and the press.

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ADPI, The American Dairy Products Institute is the leading national trade association representing manufacturers and marketers of dairy-based ingredients. ADPI’s sole mission is to increase the worldwide use of dairy ingredients by marshaling the technical, manufacturing, and marketing resources of its members and others. For more information, visit our website at


DMPI, The Dairy Protein Messaging Initiative is a creative, positive, industry-led and funded effort to defend the sector, by increasing consumer knowledge of dairy proteins and benefits vs. alternative proteins, and reposition dairy proteins in a positive, fresh and new perspective. It is focused on millennials, women, flexitarians and protein consumers. For more information, visit our website at