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Milk Specialties Global to showcase premium protein options for healthier on-the-go treats and clear RTDs during SupplySide West 2019


Industry leader to present indulgent milk and whey protein cookies, as well as a refreshing clear whey protein beverage that tastes awesome!  


(Eden Prairie, MN) – Milk Specialties Global, an industry leader in creating versatile, premium milk and whey protein ingredients, will showcase two dairy proteins during this year’s SupplySide West 2019 expo, October 17 through 18 in Las Vegas. Attendees stopping by booth #1259 can sample protein fortified cookies ideal for consumers looking for a healthier treat while navigating a busy lifestyle, as well as the market leading ingredient for both clear RTD and RTM formulations.

Two reasons why you’ll want to visit the Milk Specialties Global booth…

1. Chocolate chip cookies with protein! Swing by our booth and try a delicious chocolate chip cookie that provides the nutritional benefits of both milk protein isolate (MPI 90) and whey protein isolate (WPI 90) with no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives! When it comes to on-the-go snacking, protein treats are growing in popularity, with protein cookies driving growth for online sales in the “bar and baked goods” category.

Whether it’s consumers working on their health goals while leading busier lives, or moms looking for a healthier sweet treat to give to their kids, more people are searching for convenient ways to consume healthy protein products in a manner that is both great tasting and on-the-go. Milk Specialties has developed delectable protein chocolate chip cookies, with 8 grams of protein per serving. Try some, you won’t be sorry!

“These flavorful protein-packed chocolate chip cookies are a great representation of how healthy ingredients like WPI and MPI can be used outside the normal ready-to-mix applications with enjoyable ready-to-eat snacks,” comments Michael Hiron, vice president of sales for Milk Specialties Global. “Our protein cookies demonstrate how food companies can generate additional protein content per serving, without increasing the overall serving size.”

2. A clear, Peach Bellini flavored RTD that provides 10 grams of whey protein isolate in a 10-ounce serving. Take a quick break from the busy show, refuel and rehydrate with a refreshing sample of our clear protein RTD with an exceptionally clean taste, a thirst-quenching drink formulated using Milk Specialties’ high-protein ingredient, PRObev™.

PRObev is a great tasting, heat-stable whey protein isolate that is clear in solution. It is produced by utilizing proprietary filtration processes that isolate native whey proteins in a highly concentrated form to provide maximum functionality, as well as a strong nutritional profile, for a variety of product applications.

PRObev supports product innovation and expanded market reach by providing a very clean taste and low astringency that compliments fruity flavors. Most recently, PRObev has been the protein ingredient of choice for several clear RTM shakes which allows consumers to experience and enjoy light, refreshing, tropical flavors not normally associated with RTM shakes.

The ingredient also brings superior sensory findings: A recent 3rd party blind taste test conducted with a trained sensory panel highlighted PRObev to be significantly less astringent than its top global competitor.

PRObev is an extremely flexible ingredient from an application perspective,” adds Lindsey Ormond, director of nutrition and research at Milk Specialties Global. “It can be used in formulations of clear RTDs, sparkling RTDs, clear RTM shakes, frozen treats, gummies and more. This ingredient opens up many more formulation possibilities to meet consumer demand for great-tasting protein on the go.”


Stop by booth #1259 to meet with the Milk Specialties Sales and R&D teams, and learn how we can help you create the products of tomorrow.