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Milk Specialties Global’s facility in Norfolk, NE shows industry commitment with Validus Certification


Leading protein manufacturer supports consumers
with new Validus Certification


Milk Specialties Global, the industry-leading dairy protein manufacturer based in Eden Prairie, MN, has been awarded the Validus Dairy Animal Welfare Review Certification at its Norfolk, NE facility. This certification highlights Milk Specialties Global’s support of farmers’ animal welfare practices. Through independent third-party audits, it also assures that customers are receiving consistent, quality dairy products.

Validus Certification

Breaking it down further: What is Validus Certification?
Validus Certification is awarded to farms that demonstrate compliance with the animal welfare criteria, with a comprehensive assessment of each farm’s animal care practices through rigorous standards including:

  • Humane animal handling practices
  • Food and water access and quality standards
  • Herd health procedures, care and healthy hygiene
  • Housing that promotes animal comfort and cleanliness
  • Proper management of special needs animals
  • Thorough employee training and management

What does this mean for Milk Specialties Global and its customers?
Milk Specialties Global’s Validus Certified-organic milk from its Norfolk facility enables customers to purchase organic milk ingredient offerings that have passed Validus animal welfare standards. Customers who purchase a Validus Certified-ingredient from Milk Specialties Global will have the ability to say their product “contains Validus Certified organic milk”. The new certification provides another opportunity for Milk Specialties Global customers to offer clean label products to their consumers.

To learn more about Milk Specialties Global’s Validus Certified organic milk ingredient offerings, contact a representative at