Bigger. Better. Faster.

Advance Excelerate isn’t just another milk replacer. It’s a special formulation of milk ingredients and essential nutrients, carefully balanced to promote lean gain in calves. Excelerate is the key component of a complete intensified calf feeding program that produces taller, leaner calves in top condition. It’s an effective way to reduce the total cost of raising replacement heifers and increase the capacity of your current facilities. And it provides earlier calving opportunities that can directly impact your bottom line. By feeding Excelerate, you can look forward to:

  • Bigger Calves. Lean gains +2 pounds per day with improved feed efficiency for taller,    longer heifers.
  • Better Calves. Rapid growth and immune system development leads to healthier heifers    with fewer health concerns.
  • Faster Return on Investment. You’ll see the results – earlier weaning, breeding and    freshening.